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Lesley Peterson Art

Lesley Peterson Art


A different perspective

‘There is a world where there are paintings waiting to be painted, stories waiting to be written and music waiting to be performed. It is in another reality where everything is waiting to be brought forth. When I was very young I entered this world for the first time and now I go there often.

To enter this world you have to look at things from a different perspective. If you focus your intentions on your inner vision you can enter a dimension of infinite possibilities.
There every painting tells a story and every story is painted on the canvas of your imagination
So change your perspective for a while, enjoy the paintings and maybe they will tell you their stories’.

Lesley Peterson.
May 18, 2010

About the artist

Lesley Peterson was born in 1943 on the island of St. Maarten and has lived on the island of Curaçao since he was one year old. He began painting at an early age and sold his first paintings in 1962 when he was nineteen and still in school, studying to be a teacher. He is self-taught and broadened his skills and knowledge of art through literature on painting techniques and art history and by visiting museums and art galleries in different parts of the world, gaining appreciation for the masters and contemporary painters.

In the late sixties and in the seventies he produced surrealist paintings, which were sold without having been exhibited. His style at that time was inspired by the works of surrealist painters like Salvador Dali and René Magritte.
Around 1971 he and some other local artists started a foundation called “Libertas”. He was one of the founders and a board member of this group which included painters, sculptors, etc. Libertas renovated a house in Scharloo which was used for exhibitions for some years. He participated in group exhibitions with Libertas at that time. Although he painted very little in the eighties and nineties, due to his commitment to his work as a school manager, he still produced and sold some works.

He has worked as an English teacher, a guidance counselor, a high school principal and an educational director. Being also a certified mediator he sometimes conducts workshops on conflict resolution for interested parties.

From 1999 on he has dedicated more time to his first love, the art of painting, and his present style is what he himself calls “symbolic realism”. Although he started painting with oils he now works almost exclusively with acrylics. His realist paintings of objects, people and landscapes are infused with his own symbolism and style. He is especially inspired by realist painters like Andrew Wyeth who said “I search for the realness, the real feeling of a subject, all the texture around it …. I want to come alive with the subject.”

Exhibitions and events


Timeless illusions

“Timeless Illusions”
February 17 – March 19, 2006
Snip Gallery


VSBO Students

Final Art project with students VSBO school.
Guiding the students with the
art project for their finals.
February 2007

See it, like it, paint it

Group exhibition
“See it, Like it, Paint it”
Paintings of Lesley Peterson’s art group
June 9 – June 17, 2007

Lessons in light

Exhibition and workshop
“Lessons in Light”
March 25 – April 1, 2009
Gallery Alma Blou

A different perspective

“A Different Perspective”
May 18 – May 30, 2010
Snip Gallery

Special expressions

“Special Expressions”
Paintings of Lesley Peterson’s art group
June 1 – June 13, 2010
Snip Gallery

Vsbo students

Final Art project for students
VSBO school.
Guiding the students with
the art project for their finals.
March 2011

Art group

Group exhibition L. Peterson’s Art Group
August 26 – Sep. 17, 2011
Frame and Art Studio 54

Tropical impressions

The artwork of Lesley Peterson
28 november – 20 december 2013
Landhuis Vredenberg
Bramendiweg 200


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